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Uncovering the 7 Daily Habits of People Who Are Never (Hardly Ever) Tired

  1. Gratitude! Learn to say thank you! We hear a lot about gratitude, what it is, why we should have it..but do we actually?  Just be a nice human. Have you noticed how draining it is to hear people gossip? What about complaining? Those to things personally suck the life of me! Start focusing on the things you like about your life, your job, your family, etc. If you notice that you are surrounding by people or a person that is constantly bringing you down, I suggest starting to put some space between you. While you may think that you are helping by listening to them complain over and over, you may actually be dragging yourself  down.

  2. Sleep.  Somethings this is not in your control. Uneven work hours, a snoring roommate, a fussy baby, a new puppy, needing to use the bathroom (this I added here for me)…these are all reasons why you may not be getting the best sleep. There are some things that  we can control, so let’s try by implementing some of these things into our bedtime routines: spending time outside during the day, getting vigorous exercise, reading before bed, avoiding electronics an hour before bed. Some people (myself included) find it helpful to have the same few steps to follow each night, that signals to my brain and body that it is time o wind down.  Here is part of my routine: I wash up (no huge routine with skincare…a little facial cleanser and a washcloth and I’m done), brush my teeth, take out my contacts, put on my pjs and make cup of tea. I do also put out a few things for the morning: new contacts, my deodorant, sunblock, and my morning clothes. I feel like this helps to relax me, knowing that my things are lined up for the morning.

  3. Try something new. There is nothing worse than the feeling of being in a rut. Same shit different day. This will definitely take a toll on you and you will end up feeling drained.We are wired to LEARN! Every week you should have something on your calendar that you are looking forward to.  Some of those things should take you out of your comfort zone. You can meet up with a new friend for coffee, try a new workout class, try a new restaurant…key word here? NEW! Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

  4. Know what you are putting into your body.  THIS. IS. EVERYTHING. Unprocessed, whole foods. Water. Chew your food. Not overeating and eating better will result in better health.

  5. Live with intention. Become clear on what you want. What your goals? What is your purpose? What is it that you really want?  Now if you are not sure right now, that is ok. But take some time to sit with yourself and write it all out. When you know what you want, you have intention….you will be working towards something. This makes all of the difference.  When you start to see some progress towards your goal, you will be happy and motivated to do more to get you where you want to go.

  6. Protect you energy.  You only have so much energy in a day.  You can’t save it for later, and you can’t get it back once you use it up. How do we do this? Try to spend it doing things and spending time with people that make us feel alive! Some common energy sucks: the news, social media, people who complain. It may be time to take a break from Facebook and Instagram. You may find that  you have time to do things that you thought were out of reach.

These are some things that you can try if you feel tired most of the time. These are the things that I do to keep me on track. I regularly do an audit to see where I can improve.  

Something that I did not include, but is very important is to get your physical.  Sometimes there are other issues at play, and your doctor can help you figure that out.  

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