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I know you are busy.

You know that you feel best when you workout.

Let’s meet in the middle! Here are some times when you can fit in a quick workout:

  1. Get up earlier. Yes. I know you hate that.  But once you try it, I PROMISE that you will appreciate that extra time for yourself. You can also go to sleep in your workout clothes. One less thing to do when the alarm goes off!

  2. Lunch break workout. You get 60 minutes…let’s use it! you can go to your gym, take a quick class, get a brisk outdoor walk. Studies show that you are more productive during the day when you have some time away from your computer.

  3. Make it a date. Yes, a fitness date! You can do it with your partner or with a friend. Being accountable to someone else with ensure that it happens. Also, trying a new class together can be better than going to happy hour…it’s definitely better for you!

  4. While you watch TV.  There are plenty of moves you can do right infant of the tv. Sit ups, planks, pushups, squats. You can use the commercial breaks for little exercise snacks.

  5. Power up the stairs. We all know that we should be taking the stairs.  Why not power up those stairs. Maybe a little quicker next time? OR two at a time?

These are just a few of the ways that I sneak in a little movement each day. Some other times that I sneak some in…when brushing my teeth, when talking on the phone, when the coffee is brewing.

What are some times that you can squeeze in a little bit of movement?

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