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3 Simple Steps to Boost Your Workout Motivation

Sometimes getting the motivation to workout is hard! Let’s face it, most of the time it is hard. Have you ever noticed that once you get moving you are ok? That happens to me all of the time.  Sometimes I just need a reset to boost my motivation.  Here are my 3 big steps to do that:

Step 1: Discover Your Big Why

Imagine the life you want in the next few decades. Whether it's scaling mountains or playing with grandchildren, a consistent fitness routine can empower you with the strength and stamina to achieve those dreams. Understanding this bigger picture provides the motivation to stay committed.

Step 2: Set SMART Goals

Once you have your long-term vision, translate it into actionable steps with SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. This framework ensures clarity and helps track your progress effectively. Whether it's improving strength, losing weight, or mastering a new fitness challenge, SMART goals keep you focused.

Step 3: Embrace Enjoyable Movement

Consistency in workouts often stems from finding activities you genuinely enjoy. Experiment with different exercises and classes until you discover what resonates with you. Whether it’s Peloton classes, YouTube workouts, or trying out new gym activities, the key is to find something that makes you look forward to exercising.

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